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I just wanted to personally welcome you to the UltraSuite family.

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I wanted to tool you up with a whole arsenal of templates and graphics that are going to:

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  • Make sure you use LEGAL images and avoid a costly and time-consuming legal dispute - (seriously, it happens - much more often than you think!)

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In Just 1 Click

All These 1000+ Stunning, High Quality Graphics Will Be Yours

Ready To Go, Ready To Help You Create. Fast, Easy And Without ANY Legal Implications:

I know what you’re thinking. You’ll just do a quick Google search and use any images you want…

But there’s two problems with this: (1 small, 1 really NOT so small…)

The images you can find for free either

Aren’t good. Or Aren’t yours.

# 1 Isn’t Good.

#2 Is Potentially Business Destroying.

Breaking copyright law isn’t cheap.

A quick Google search will tell you that $8,000, $50,000 and even $250,000 has been successfully claimed back from people using images online that weren’t theirs.

Current copyright laws say that you’re financially liable for posting copyrighted images,

Even If you have resized The picture

Even If you have resized The picture

Your site isn’t commercial and you make no money from it.

Your site isn’t commercial and you make no money from it.

You found it on the Internet (that’s not an excuse!)

You found it on the Internet (that’s not an excuse!)

And it doesn’t matter how many people see you use it

(The $8,000 case was on a site that was on a blog seen by less than 100 people!)

And The Simplest, Most Cost Effective Way Of Using Images

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And Use These 800+ Awesome, Stunning, Royalty Free Images Instead:

These 30+ Optin Templates Will Also Be Yours:

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Plus These 200+ Customizable Logos

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To Turn Traffic Into Dollars, Visitors Have To Convert Into Leads & Sales


Plugin Suite: 7 Must Have WordPress Plugins

Expersona Plugin

Use An Automated Pop-up To Ask Your Visitor Their Name, Use Animated Characters,
Geotarget Your Content, Customize Specific Offers To The Specific Day Of The Week.
Explode Conversions With True Scarcity By Offering Special Offers Only
Available To 1st Time Visitors.

Finally - Artificial Intelligence You Can Use For Personal Profit. And It All Happens Completely Automatically In The Background!

Spinty Plugin

Now you can give your site visitors ANY prize you choose when they spin a virtual wheel on your website. Addictive for your visitors - and wildly profitable for you.

Spinty integrates directly with major autoresponders so your new leads are added automatically. The ‘game’ triggers when visitors try to leave your site - like a popup but 1000x better because people WANT to spin to win!

Facebook Chat Plugin

Facebook has reached a monthly 1.2 Billion user base, start providing support to your clients and solve their queries instantly with Live Chat Facebook WordPress Plugin. With this WordPress Plugin keep your website’s social facebook status online for your visitors.

This the easiest, instant and fastest way to provide live and real time support to your clients rather than relying only on the slow Emailing process. Display the chat box on any page, post or the entire website so your users can start conversation with you anywhere anytime.

Skype Chat Plugin

Skype chat plugin for website is a WordPress plugin which enables a nifty chat box on your website, specially developed for the visitors of your website so they can connect and converse with you through Skype.

Skype is the best business tool to stay connected with your clients. Your experience with this plugin will amazing because of the Instant Messaging which is much faster than Emailing. It is the easiest option to provide support and keep contact with multiple customers and visitors as everything will be in real time.

WhatsApp Chat Plugin

WhatsApp Chitchat is a WordPress plugin which gives accessibility to your visitors and customers for instant WhatsApp chat support on your website, the visitors will be able to ping you their Queries and converse with you regarding their issues with the help of this plugin.

WhatsApp Chitchat is a very easy to use and efficient plugin to provide support and keep contact with your valuable customers and website visitors. The Plugin will redirect the users to the WhatsApp Login Page for super fast chatting.

Normal Chat Plugin

For a clean, live chat experience
that keeps visitors directly on-site

Each chat box is 100% customizable.
You can include them on ANY post, page, or your ENTIRE website.

Letting you interact INSTANTLY, in real-time … with any and ALL site visitors whenever they have a question. You can even chat with MULTIPLE visitors at once!

Moto GDPR Plugin

The Recent GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Is a Very Big Deal For All Website Owners. If You’re Attracting Traffic From The European Union, It’s Critical Your Sites Comply To Protect The Data & Personal Info Of Your Visitors.

Knowing This, We’ve Created A Custom MOTO GDPR Plugin To Make Sure Your Sites Stay Compliant. Visitors Will Instantly Know You’re Taking Their Data Seriously, And Will Feel More Confident To Subscribe, Buy, And Return Over And Over.

Plus we also said we were going to give you something to sell?...

We’re ALSO Going To Give You Unrestricted COMMERCIAL Access To Both:

(Unlimited Commercial Templates)


Plugin Suite

(Unlimited Commercial Plugins)

So You Will Have An Almost Limitless Supply Of WordPress Templates And Plugins To Sell -

So You Can Supplement Your Income With Quality Sell-Able Assets -

Provided By Us For A One-Time-Cost.

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That’s Right, You’re Getting All This:

10 Templates For You To Use With Your UltraSuite Theme.


800+ Royalty Free Graphics


30+ Optin Pop Up Templates


200+ Customisable Logos


Unrestricted Access To WordPress Templates To Sell With Commercial Template Bundle Access


Unrestricted Access To WordPress Plugins To Sell With Commercial Plugin Suite Access…


Total Value: $24100

PLUS We’re Even Giving You These Exclusive Bonuses As Part Of Our Launch Offer Special:

Bonus Plugin #1

WP Starter Plugin

Save Massive Amounts Of Time With This Awesome Plugin That Configures All Your Site Settings In Just A Few Clicks.

Save Time & Frustration, And Have Your Sites Ready To Launch In Minutes.

Bonus Plugin #2

Christmas Effects Snowfall Plugin

Cash In On The Holidays With Incredible Snowfall Effects That Get Christmas Shoppers In The Mood To Buy!

Perfect For Ecom Stores & Seasonal Promos

Bonuses Values: $197

Bonus Value + Total Value = $24297 (Total Worth)


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Happy Creating.

Vivek and the PixelNX Team

A Winning Team

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